Bible Questions And Answers

by Polly Griffin

Recently, I was asked: "What Bible version do you like the best and why?

My answer follows:

There are many versions of the Bible, but I like the King James Version the best because:

1,.    It is translated out of the original languages

2.     It is a word- by-word translation.

When an old manuscript is damaged, a word may be inserted by the translators to complete a sentence. When this is done, the word is written in italics so the reader will know that the word has been inserted by the translators.

Most other versions of the Bible that I am familiar with are paraphrases of the scriptures. In other words, the translators write down what they think the author is saying.

Too often I have found that what they think the author is saying is totally opposite from what I believe the scriptures are saying. I believe it is best to let the scriptures speak for themselves.

3.     It has stood the test of time.

It was written in 1611 and today it is still recognized by many people as the greatest translation ever written.

4.     It's beauty is unsurpassed.

While the old English language is difficult to understand at times, the beauty of many other scriptures is unequalled.

5.     I have found it's accuracy in total harmony with many of my personal experiences. I wrote about some of these in my book The Hidden Light, The experiences came first and then  I found   explanations for those experiences in the Bible. 

The King James Version of the Bible has been chosen as the official version of the Workers For Jesus.