by Michelle Korgis-Fitzpatrick

For Each night before I fall asleep

I close my eyes to say a little prayer

As I begin to pray

I thank the Lord for all

He has blessed me with

Then, I begin to say,

Lord, I thank you for your love that you have given to me. I know it is here to stay.

Lord, I thank you too, for caring about my life and I too know so many others may not.

I may not have a fortune of money to give or to share. But Lord, I do have a fortune of love, with you that I am willing to share.

For this I know is true, when temptation has caused me to fall, it will be you to help me to stand tall.

Many others may not see how strong and how true your love can be.

You are my witness unto all. It will be then that I have told to all, my little prayer to you.

Then, they too, will make their own little prayer to you. Then, they can’t say, they’re to late.

From my simple little prayer, the world will know, that you are there for them just as you are for me.

There is one last thing I need to say.

I thank you my dear Lord, that you have not forsaken me.


© 2001 Michelle Korgis-Fitzpatrick

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