"Dear God"

                by Jeff Butler

I watched the sun go down today,
'twas something to behold.

The grace in how you end the day
brought life into my soul.

The colors were magnificent,
so soft and full of cheer.
I watched as they did fade
away into the dark so near.

The thought of how you loved us so,
you sent your only begotten son.
And how that day turned into dark
when on the cross He hung.

The earth did quake, the veil was rent, and graves were opened wide.
Left man to face his greatest fear,
the son of God had died.

But in three days Christ rose again
and set the captives free.
He bore our sins and shed his blood
on a hill called Calvary.

Now as I sit in quiet time,
I pray and seek your face.
I love you Lord with all my heart,
and thank you for your Grace.

I faced life's fiery furnace,
as three did long ago.
You took my hand, walked me through, and never let me go.

As I prepare for slumber now,
thanks to thee I send.
For all the love you've given me,
good-nite dear God. Amen.

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