This poem was written especially
for Sig McDaniel whose daughter,
Angela, died at the age of 16
from Cystic Fibrosis

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Your Own Angel

by Billy Puckett

There are days when I don't want to get up,
Lie in bed like a lot of folks do;
Then I turn my ear toward heaven,
I hear a voice and I know that it's you!

Saying, "Mommy and Daddy, don't worry,
I'm with God and I suffer no more;
I'm the angel that beckons you to hurry,
And brave life that's beyond the front door.

He said that He's proud of you Mommy,
And, Daddy He knows you did your best;
You were heart-wrenched each time that I suffered,
Though as parents, He says you past the test!

Jesus tells me dear Mommy and Daddy,
That it wasn't to be understood;
Why the life that we all shared together,
Was short... although still, it was good!

When all the doctors had given up on me,
I left your arms though 'twas against your will;
That's 'cause God had already healed my body,
And had plans He wants me to fulfill!

You see, Mommy, I've never really left you,
And Daddy, I'm right by your side;
I'm the angel God gave as your daughter,
And the same one who'll now be your guide!

I was there with you Mommy, when you suffered,
All a long when something didn't seem right;
And, I'll be forever with you, Mommy and Daddy,
Because God tells me to be your light!

So when days seem dreadful and dreary,
Or if darkness should cover your path;
Just remember, I'm right on your shoulder,
To lead you safe home without wrath!

Jesus wants you to both come and join me,
Where we'll run and we'll play with no pain;
So do everything please, Mommy and Daddy,
For I'm longing to see you again!

I can run up here Mommy and Daddy,
And I never get short of my breath;
Now I understand why Jesus called me,
And no longer look on it as death.

It's so beautiful here, Mommy and Daddy,
There are sights you may never behold;
And its true... like you've heard in the Bible,
We run on streets that are paved of pure gold!

Oh, the flowers, you'll love them here Mommy,
And Daddy... the rivers run crystal clear;
So just remember dear Mommy and Daddy,
It's me... Angela's voice that you hear!"

"I'm waiting on the shores of Jordan
along with Jesus to carry you home!"