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The Book of 1 Peter

This book was a letter written by Peter to Christians living in Asia Minor. It was written in about 64 A.D.

Some scholars do not think it was really written by Peter. They feel the language was from someone more educated than Peter. Other scholars feel that it was written by Peter.

When the letter was written, Nero was the Roman emperor. After a big fire in Rome, Nero wanted people to stop blaming him, so he started blaming the Christians. He said they set fire to the city. He started having the Christians in Rome arrested and killed.   Peter wrote this letter to support and encourage the Christians who lived in areas of the Roman Empire..

Later, Peter was also killed by Nero.  He was crucified upside down on a cross.

Main points of Peter's letter:

He reminds them that they have hope because of Jesus.
They may be suffering now, but there will be joy later.
Faith is tested by fire and times of suffering.
He writes about how Christians should behave
God's word will last forever.















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